Get Involved

There are so many ways to get involved with your Church community.  Here are some of the action groups that help make Westminster United Church such a special place.

Action Groups at Westminster

Worship and Sacraments

Was there a worship service each Sunday morning this past year?  Was there music?  Was there a variety of formats in the worship and music offered?  Was communion dispensed?  Were children baptized?  Was there an usher to assist you?  Was the collection taken up?  Did people who needed one, get a ride to church?  Were there special services for the festivals and holy days in the church year?  Was the church decorated for special occasions?
Because the answer to all of these questions is “Yes”, you know the volunteers of the Worship and Sacraments Action Group are doing their job.  This group oversees all aspects of worship, including Christian Education (Sunday School), ushering, scripture reading, supporting baptisms, serving communion, and decorating the sanctuary.

Outreach for Social Justice

The Outreach for Social Justice Group promotes concern and support of the membership for the mission work of the Church in and beyond the local community, and for local, national, and world issues relevant to the gospel of Christ.  The group is also involved in a large clothing depot, food cupboard, Fair Trade coffee and tea sales, a milk and baby formula program and Kairos.

Also, the group’s mandate is to educate the congregation in all aspects of the Mission and Service Fund and set the congregation’s yearly objective.  They also identify and present annually the major local, national, and world concerns that the United Church of Canada General Council would like to see addressed.  They encourage participation by church members in actions and activities that address the identified concerns, meet the needs of the people, and carry out the work of the church beyond the congregation.  The group also considers non-United Church appeals and programs and recommends support as appropriate.  The group is the agent for Kairos for the congregation and participates in Kairos initiatives.

Visit the Kairos Canada website.

United Church Women

This very active group’s purpose is to unite women of the congregation for the total mission of the Church and to provide a medium through which they may express their loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ in Christian witness study, fellowship and service.

“The Purse Project”

The “Purse Project” was originally created by two Ottawa women, who, after hearing of the struggles of homeless women accessing personal care times, decided to do something about it. As one of the organizers noted, “women often arrive at shelters with nothing but the clothes on their backs.” So they came up with the idea of filling a gently used purse with personal car/hygiene products and making them available to women in need.
The UCW is asking you, the Westminster community to help women in need of such care in our own community.

Please consider – filling a gently used purse with such items as:
Shampoo, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, bars of soap, Q-tips, cotton balls, mouthwash, socks, slippers, gloves, lotion, nail polish and nail polish remover, combs and small brushes, hair elastics, gift cards to grocery stores or discount stores. Note: If you don’t have a purse to fill, we’ll gladly take our product donations and fill a purse of our own!
Please drop off at the church office on Sunday mornings or at the Police Services, 390 C Line, Orangeville.

The donations will be delivered to the Orangeville Caledon Dufferin Victim Services and some supplies to Family Transition Place. Police Services will also keep some on hand as well as Westminster.

Thank you all for your consideration of this worthwhile cause. For further information or clarification, please contact Lynne Smith at (519) 941-4334 or at

United Church Men

The purpose of this men’s fellowship group is for men to become personally acquainted with one another and to become Christian influencers in the home, church and community.  The group’s objectives are;

To provide opportunities for service and fellowship.
To deepen the spiritual life of men through worship.
To develop a greater knowledge of the church and its mission.


The Property Action Group maintains the building and property ensuring safety for all in and around the Church building.  It is a busy group and is always looking for help in maintaining and improving our beautiful historic home.

Ministry and Personnel

The Ministry and Personnel Action Group oversees all matters pertaining to staff and acts as a liaison between staff, Board and congregation.

Membership and Pastoral Care


The Membership Committee actively promotes the spirit of ongoing membership enhancement.  They care for our Westminster community by offering Pastoral care and Keeping-In-Touch (K.I.T.).  Other activities include “Coffee & Conversation” after Church, 5th Sunday Potlucks, Pastoral Care, M&M Meat Shop Fundraisers, and maintenance of church Bulletin Boards for volunteer sign-ups.

Pastoral Care

Westminster has a pastoral care group which has been developing over the past year. There are about 15-20 people on our Pastoral Care Team. They meet approximately every 2 months, with email/phone/personal connection in between.  At the team meetings we read scripture, pray and hold each one of you in our hearts.

Our focus is to ensure that each person in or faith community knows God’s love and compassion by how they are cared for.  Rev. Sandra and the people in our faith community pass names along to us of those who need our care. All of our work is strictly confidential.

“We visit folks who are sick, grieving, struggling with crises in their life, lonely and spiritually bereft.  We visit people in their homes, in the hospital, in nursing homes, long term facilities, hospices and retirement homes. We will even meet someone for coffee if that suits them better.  Our visits are ‘low-key’.  We try to be good, attentive listeners, so that we truly hear you and how you are feeling. We may offer you a prayer if you would like, but this is not required. The frequency and duration of our visits is always your choice.  We try to help you remember that God’s presence is with you always, even when you are struggling.  We hope to soon be able to provide Easter and Christmas services in our retirement homes.  In the future, we hope to increase our involvement in the community, continuing to reach beyond our church doors.”

Reverend Maureen MacLeod-Oliver is the coordinator of our Pastoral Care Team.  She can be reached at 416-779-4039 or can be e-mailed at

Stewardship and Finances

Duties include providing advice to the Board, organizing and/or implementing stewardship programs, managing the Planned Gift Fund, researching grants and fundraising, and involvement in special projects as required.